Friday, April 13, 2012

o pen : poems for April 18 CONVERSATIONS

After a stunning reading by Philip Levine on Thursday, April 12, I would like to follow the advice of Jennifer Grotz' advisor who told her that she should "write like someone else, and read Philip Levine".
This above interview gives a portrait of Philip Levine – his personality, his gentle humor, his thinking -- a few insights on “They Feed, They Lion” which we discussed earlier.

This week’s selection is a constrast of times, takes, in honor of the way poems do their work in the world. It might be language play, a metaphysical boxing match, blend of narrative and lyric voice and as ever, an invitation to see how words corralled line, image touch us. by will contrast one Philip Levine poem with a few poems in the April 2012 Poetry one of which refers to Louise Bogan, so two of her poems too!

-- On The Meeting Of GarcĂ­a Lorca And Hart Crane-- by Philip Levine
3 poems from the April 2012 edition of POETRY
-- The Wooden Overcoat -- by Rick Barot
-- A Magnetic Personality -- Jason Guriel
-- Six Lines for Louise Bogan -- by Michael Collier
2 poems by Louise Bogan:
Tears in Sleep by Louise Bogan and The Dragonfly

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