Tuesday, April 24, 2012

napowrimo April 25

Just Imagine One Rain Drop

Sheets of rain blow over the fields
the wind slashing like this ///////////////
changing the way an artist changes
the smile on a portrait with one mark.

I say “rain” and cannot describe
the grey shimmer of a cape
that flies over the brown field.
And so I imagine just one rain drop.

And yet even as part of wind-slashed rain-whip
how to explain these April rags of snow
littering exhuberant greens?

A rain-drop on dandelion brushes
with their closed-for-business look;
a rain-slip off the fern that looked
like a dragon yesterday, nestled in white;
rain-pearl on the still-life fountain of ferns
bereft now of snow.

It's a good day to go inside
a raindrop.
Let someone else
be the fat robin,
let someone else yank
at weeds, drive to work,
answer the phone.

It's a good day to ride raindrops
even if the wind slashes us
across a field.

Hang on-- It all goes by too fast.

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