Sunday, April 22, 2012

Napowrimo -- April 22

Of course... it is Earthday... and of course, there are so many wonderful things in the world -- even in the short space of a week-end, so much taken in...

I was taken by this photograph... and so wrote this
Snap Shot

You can’t see her pearl
earring, covered by the camera,
just as you don’t see the mirror.

Her camera’s name: Earl
as in anglo-saxon chieftain
as he calls the shots

although by the middle
ages, replaced by dukes,
counts, (Earl no longer)

We think to capture, curl
in the folds of our mind
an image. Do you see

the ear curled up in pearl
and look at her, so lonely.
Is she ready to shoot—

not herself – not the girl
we all know by Vermeer
but us? She looks rather

amused. A thought swirls
to mind. Those very strong fingers
know how to snap.

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