Thursday, April 5, 2012

napowrimo - April 5 -- 100%

The prompt, 100%... and meeting with fellow "Beets", Tricia providing a word list which included "aglet" -- the part of a shoelace that gathers all the threads and fastens them, keeps them together... The idea of Cavalcanti, addressing his Ballatetta entered as well... Running Back Home 100% trouble has not yet begun to unravel. However, you see the start of it, in the damaged aglet holding your shoelace threads together. You are running over rubble and gravel stumbling to reach the other edge of the city to deliver a message. Whether you and the message have become traveling companions is not yet clear. You are sure the message is tethered to you, as if pinned to your tongue. Nothing will keep it from arriving. But you arrive at your door, out of breath, your shoe laces tangled, panting— as if you have escaped from a den of thieves and you press the latch, enter and there is your mother, and all you can say is mommie, mommie, mommie. ** use of the 2nd person... effective? as the poem unraveled, by the end, it revealed the memory of being maybe 5-6, and the scariness of straying up the street with my older sister and our neighbor, and ducking down as we passed a house with shades drawn -- not because someone had died, but because BURGLARS lived there!

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