Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Napowrimo April 3 -- Caught in the gazing

Caught in Gazing You cannot see the sun yet, nor know the gold in the slit of scurried cloud will be tossed to the field below. Even as the sun bulges, bouffant, gravid flaming up out of the horizon, you cannot predict how it will shrink, as it rises through orange-flecks in a mauve sky, nor augur what happens next: a veil of cloud bank drops like deadweight curtains all light, so quick on the heels of a scoop of golden perhaps admired in gazing's catch. ** this is thanks to a friend's kind observations two drafts ago; Wordsworth's Glad sight wherever new with old Glad sight wherever new with old Is joined through some dear homeborn tie; The life of all that we behold Depends upon that mystery. Vain is the glory of the sky, The beauty vain of field and grove Unless, while with admiring eye We gaze, we also learn to love. ** Artist Breakfast Group. Comments on collaborations; on pros and cons of technology; on looking again at the futurist manifesto and speed being coupled with beauty -- and finding antidote in the beauty of slowing down to share. Very golden scoops !

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