Friday, April 20, 2012

NaPoWriMo April 20

One prompt I had been thinking about: Imagine today that the universe is trying to send you a message. Try to see everything through this imagined perspective. Take note of the day's incidentals that are working to convey this message to you: the guy walking toward you on the street wearing your brother's favorite color, the petals of the same color blowing in the wind, a sign you notice with a saying that strikes you, how the quality of light conjures a past event. Write a poem using these collected images and impressions that reveals the message.

I used headlines and words from Earth Day -- but thinking of these things: the emotional impact of names and how people react to people knowing their name as in reputation. I also stole from googling -- what happens when one say O! depends on what follows -- so why not break O Romeo, to feel the despair of wanting something so badly it is not there, yet have a strong bodied Eldee proclaim it.

Of course a rough draft!

Her name is Eldee, or at least that’s the way I think she spells it.
You know your alphabet. Say L.D. and you’ll know who I mean.
Less Destruction and no mauling of any wild.
Lead Destroys would be the sort of slogan she would question:
I can see her waving a #2 pencil saying, “are you sure you didn’t
mean lead, as in leader?” She’ll answer, “not the lieder and dirndl type”
singing with bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. She’ll pro-
claim: O
which you could hear as O! Rome! O!
or Oro meo as in to my Gold
Initialed as Open Research Online
Medium Earth orbit

O! would any name smell as sweet, O!
Eldee, wherefore art thou then?
And she’ll answer, I have tears to say.

It’s all in the dream of my boy on the bridge
and he looked at the water and said, I want to go
there, and he sprang over the railing, then caught
the edge of the bridge with his hands, changing
his mind and couldn’t keep hold, and so
he fell... l, l, l, l, l, so far, and she saw him
so still, in that transparent water and knew
he was dead, dead .. finish with a D.
and so she does, inserting A, all over again,
de.... dead, I’m Eldee,
L. of fall and D.
the part dead.

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