Sunday, April 29, 2012

Napowrimo -- April 28

The prompt was to use rhyme...

'Tis stars and cards that set their own bars.

What do you seek dear child—
what do you seek?
Crow perch, church spire,
mud-hut, palace for a shiek?

Card after card placed like tents in a row
roofed and repeated, rising, grow.

What do you build dear child—
what do you build?
Castle for kings or tar paper shack,
a house where dreams are fulfilled?

Card after card suited in red and black
balanced and crafted, without thought of attack.

What is it you wish dear child,
what is it you desire?
Oar and rudder to guide your own boat?
Sky sails will carry you safe through starfire.

And then it happens, as it eventually does,
lattice-work tower tumbles, because, because—
hidden unknown to you or to me
fate has its own drum and decree:

‘tis nothing about effort, care or work
‘tis not even a slap from what we shirk:
we build high, aim for the stars
but ‘tis stars and cards that set their own bars.

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