Saturday, April 7, 2012

Napowrimo day 6-- Unportrait

I might have misunderstood a prompt -- but it produced this! At first I googled "unPortrait" and found a wedding photographer's site -- with trademark -- the unPortrait, of bride/groom/couple executed in under 7 minutes before the guests would miss them... This took a little longer than that! Self–Un-portrait If you find an endless spool of thread the flesh color of your nose unwind it until it covers every inch of your skin. and call it un portrait de soi which sounds like poured silk. If you used to say toy-boat fast until you tripped on your tongue try saying self-unportrait slowly, until you hear sell- f-un –port-rip, and see a merchant ship filled with wooden statues and start looking for one which looks like you and that you call un portrait en bois which sounds sharp as a dog’s bark as you tap it like a cane in a Parisian park. At this point the telephone rings, and your name will be announced on caller ID, unavailable, out of area, not provided. This is your very own portrait sans titre which the hard of hearing might think sounds like Saint Peter. This is where a mirror might come in handy. A little reflection, different angles, so a virtual image in all its complexity appears and you trace exactly what you see in lines as thin as silk threads resembling a ridged lute of a leatherback turtle. Of course, you are an excellent swimmer, used to cold waters, and diving deep. Un portrait d’une tortue which sounds like told you, told you, told you. In the mirror, the lines shift as you watch your face from puzzled infant, to surprised toddler, gleeful child, and then all those years where busy equaled survival. This is where you start to peel, to shuck, undo. Un-tongue which does not mean mute— un-portrait of the only self you are.

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