Sunday, April 1, 2012

NAPOWRIMO -- April 1 : Spring(____ A.D.)

There is so much to write about with April 1st, a beautiful sunrise, a sense of beginning... the role of fools... but today, I will start with this poem, penned in response to a fracking compressing accident in Pennsylvania which happened the same day Adrienne Rich passed away. In honor of her courage to speak authentically. APRIL 1 Spring ( _ _ _ _ Anno Domine) What is danger but D with anger daggering some message awake. What is anger but A for age blazing, for announcing someone figured out how to go to the moon, fracture the earth to extract gas, create amazing weapons of mass destruction. (This is not an order.) An age of something doesn’t feel right as we prepare over-plump chicken, tasteless, but perfect tomatoes, and our ears. This morning, a fracking compressor exploded for some, somewhat close for others somewhere in someone else’s neck of the woods for others, billowing black smoke blows through the window. What is dungeon but D without unguent, few awake. A dark age of someone says using the eye to view screens instead of each other. Domine, Domine. To some sort of god, some sort of time.

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