Thursday, April 26, 2012

NaPoWriMo -- April 26

Yesterday, I went to see the exhibit at the Cary (Wallace Library) at RIT, called "The Light of the Sublime". There you will see three large calligraphed pages by Dan Kunz:
Art and word illustrate the movement of the parrot's flight; the cage that restrains him, a man's grasping him, and a final unity of the parrot's spirit with God.

I jotted down these notes
Flight of the Spirit
This parrot was drawn burning the darkness away -- a light whose spirit flew from my end to my beginning.

this corresponds with Verse 1117 Masnavi I
(from Fragments of Light 3)

"The light of the light of the eye is the light of the heart
The light of the eye is produced by the light of the heart.

Again, the light of the light of the heart, is the light of God
Which is free and pure of the light of sense and mind.
... Only the light of truth has no antithesis
Through which it could be found.

My poem for today:

Pondering "Ruminescence"

wake up! the wind is changing
and one cloud is calling,
like a letter from God
in the shape of a sheep

Now wake up the inner eye—
do not confuse the running shadows
for birds, but listen to strains of harp—

you have not missed the music,
it plays the voice of the Beloved
which lies deep in the house of the Beloved

You understand the soul is falcon,
that human desire is crow
the the soul is burning and sobbing
when it is pecked by the cawing crows

of course you must wake up! not for the wind
but for the letters from God leaping.

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