Wednesday, April 4, 2012

napowrimo April 4 -- Univ. of Rock

univ. of rock* In rock-shaped-sun today by the cairn, in the shimmy of a grove of skinny hawthorns he brings new rocks, hoists a dragon head with a clean-split jaw, just as a roar of March arrives to whistle through. Here, let me show you the slit, how rock too, shifts how at one point, a man in the sun of spring day can find a dragon-head, roll the rock, find pleasure as he shifts it into a place. It’s his rock, now, sun-shaped, shadow licked. *This is his universe, not where he works, called by caller ID, univ of roc ** One poem prompt was to write a "communication poem" -- a tweet... postcard... just about anything. I wouldn’t have written the above without my dear man emailing me (while I was in a different part of the country) about working with rocks, and how he found that dragon head. What a contrast with the sort of message that just gets deleted, to clean out the “in box”, or one of the stuffed envelopes asking for money from an organization you don’t know, or countless appeals to subscribe to services and goods you neither want nor need. Real communication, as opposed to phone calls a computer identifies as pub-intrst-grp, out-of-area, not-provided. When my good man calls from work to tell me he’s on his way, the caller ID tells me, "univ of rock" and my heart skips a beat!

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