Monday, April 9, 2012

Napowrimo -- Day 8 : Serious/Sirius

Prompted by George Bilgere's poem, Robert Frost "posted in Writer's Almanac Googling Sirius I like that a star’s name can be confused with an adjective. How grateful we can be for google to tell us more about Sirius and serious. Finding out information about a dog star, allows the opening up of a can of new thoughts perhaps to share with a friend, or use to impress someone at work, or write into a poem to be sent out for publication, or rejection, considered along with the myriad poems filled with thoughts penned by other people who also have found new triggers thanks to the juggling of googled information. Seriously. Imagine if your calendar were based on the brief moment a star becomes visible above the horizon, in the case of Sirius which google suggests the Egyptians called Sopdet (and the Greeks called Sothis) and your local river flooded in conjunction with this star, you might feel Sirius is worth your attention. I know I won’t look at the horizon quite the same way at dawn, knowing now, thanks to Google, about heliacal rising where a star rises each day just a little higher, staying a little longer. If Sirius is at the root of those impossibly hot days of summer, prestilence, plague, not to mention wheat rust, the Dog Star and dog days take a serious bite into health and human welfare. Such information could prompt us to take some serious sacrifice – and pay attention to skies that are clear or misty... or go back to the idea of Σείριος (Seirios) as in "glowing" or "scorcher where star-struck is a malignant flaming up. Or simply, we can look at how human nature seriously defies change. Who shall we blame now when plants wilt, men weaken, etc, etc. Maybe serious.

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