Sunday, April 3, 2011

NAPOWRIMO -- April 3


In a great city, a sky-scraper lyre,
Played by light arrowed into bull’s eyes

Nothing shakes the lines, caught as if tacked
by still-burst spots, starred eyes

Black and white singing or silent,
Depending on the ears of your eyes

No lack of good or bad luck for six keys
strumming vertical shine. Which are “I’s”?

Buildings saying, I, I, waiting to be seen.
Clean force, cleared forest, aye, aye

A chance to view in black and white
What might not strike the inner eye

Piano keys and rockets singing empty blues
two claps of sun revise

by Kitty Jospé

This poem is a response to a black and white photo by Dennis Adams entitled, X-Tower#1, the first photograph on this site:

It will be shown along with other work at the City Gallery in an exhibit starting June 17.

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