Saturday, March 19, 2011

plagiarism and tacky thoughts about the moon

I like this: "One of the things that my college looks for is student voice. If there is less than 50 to 60 percent of student voice present, the paper will fail. We also use a rubric and one of our areas is citations. If there no citations, the student will not earn points for it.

Turnitin -- as a check.

One of the dangers of writing in a blog is the fun of reading other people's "stuff",
but such a fine line between "putting the puzzle pieces together" and using one's own voice.

Full moon out tonight playing hide and seek with clouds skittering in the wind.

Someone must have said that. "My voice" would be this way.

This is not a poem

If I were the moon,
I wouldn't judge the wind's spring-waltzing
or need some star to give its sole opinion
soon enough there won't be any "if"
or "I".

If I were to croon to the moon,
I would praise the constancy -- sun salting
light into crescents, halves, cream-soup bowl
full-mooning -- so many tastings
of just one moon.

The moon is not crazy
because it doesn't look just one way.
Imagine saying "I won't look at you, because
you cannot be trusted".

Oh moon, I know you're all there,
even when I can't see you.
How beautiful you are
no matter how you are prepared.

which is only one way of

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