Tuesday, April 26, 2011


DAY 25
April 25

Easter Sunday in 31 syllables

Sun after 3 days of rain! -- 7
I’m as happy as if wearing -- 8
a new bonnet, -- 4
maple shaking diamond eardrops 9
off catkins! 3

I'm in a haiku spirit — part of it is the understated nature of Japanese…
A haiku would not have a wordy question like "did you see the winter leaves dropping into the stream with the small boats of cherry blossom" --
But I love the idea of spring shaking off the dusty remains of winter as it grows new skin. How, in spite of return of Spring, it is never identical.

Cherry petal boats
Nudge a brown willow leafcurl
In the brook's spring song


I have a hunch this is more a personal process…

DAY 26

Changing of the Guard (Sunrise/set)

Beginning of May, lilac
will burst in the East, linked
to dandelion fire in the West
not by seed, stalk

nor wind-link
of tornado in the Midwest
a typhoon in the Pacific,

invisibles chaining
chiming, raising their chin
in a blaze of purple, yellow.

Actually the buds wallow
in the flood. This morning,
mist swallowed up the sunrise,
and whatever allowed the sunset,
harmonized the two of us.

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