Monday, April 26, 2010

Discussion: Lost Horse Press New Poets Series 4/26/2010

What a treasure to discover Abby Murray! Not only do we "experience what life feels like inside us" but she adds layers and layers -- innuendos, mythologies, paves the way for possibilities that come as surprises.

Barnacle: it makes you think about what it is like to born in this age,
And then other ages, and why it is we don't wish to bring children into a troubled world; The sense of mythology (3,000) juxtaposed with contemporary; layers of myth...

Trombone: one thing has many faces... How thoughts change; Sid's interpretation that the poem starts the day after the scene, "Since you asked..." and as the telling proceeds, the "fat" part of the trombone, the woozy, hungover feel gives way to the recollection of dancing,
"shaking our hips like they were rolling in oil". The group responded with memories of the cards in bike wheels, roaring twenties dancing, and the fun of watching minnows.

Taking Justice Home: How Esther is Justice -- "I dreamt I would meet Justice in vagrant form" --
and we thought of Esther's heroism, saving her people, and all the faces of a contemporary Esther, and looking at honey and fish from Roshashanna honey to Christ and the fishes --
but realizing the poem has it all in front of the reader, with language that pulls you through the scene and gives you a sense of knowing this woman who lives inside the curve of an old concrete sewer pipe. And dream and reality meld until the rescue mission... and like a dream of Justice creating a new society, Esther will be asked to draw a map of the world but the mystical, is preserved, like Esther's secrets which will be held in a jam jar...

Jesse brought us to Hawaii and Angela gave a long description of the zoo, and how Hawaii has changed. And Karen's poem gave us a chance to discuss "I'm in No Mood to put up with your..."

Like all good travels, there's the obligatory end...

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