Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adamschick and Mirror

It sounds like magic. Adam's chick -- and Eden and beginnings and what is mirrored --
which world is it in which we think we are living.

Marvin Bell selected Carl Adamshick's debut collection for the 2010 Walt Whitman Award.
"His voice is instantly engaging. Sophisticated ear; continuous feeling for measure.
A clarity of complex feelings".

The Solitude of an Apricot -- indeed mouth watering whether you say the "a" as in "apt" or "a" as in hay. We remarked the doubling: away, beyong, back, place placed, Sweet.

Isolated, "Sweet with a stone." is a sentence that bears repeating, sw -- st; ee to O
opening and closing in. And just what is sweet ? "The tender rearrangement of what is missing,like certain words, a color reflected off water a few years back."

And how would that mean to each person in a room? And suddenly there is possibility for time travel -- and what does that mean to someone? What is sweet "with the concession of a few statements, a few lives it will touch without bruising."

What a line. Does this change the way you eat an apricot?
What else has a stone -- what stones can be abandoned, to savor that much more sweetness.

Our flag on the otherhand was over the top. All the shoulds, the imperatives, which of course make the final lines stand out in relief.
Let it be insignifcant
and let its insignificance shine.

I love these 3 lines. "Our flag should be a veil/that makes the night weep/when it comes to dance,/

Mirror: Mark Strand

The parallel words of a white room and a party going on...
and what's in the mirror. Flashback. Layers of reality to read, re-read.

Someone asked if this poem have been better in prose? I think the line breaks lose their energy: and the imbedded clauses would receive less note.
leaned / against; hand/fidgeted; space/that might be filled by someone/yet to arrive, who at that moment/could be started the journey/which would lead eventually to her.

Reminded one person of Joni Mitchell : Other people S parties:
passport smiles -- but look where the passport takes you.

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