Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poetry and Spirituality -- the reverse side of Passion

How is “Passion” linked to the way we look at the world – at dandelions, or each other ?
What images are unearthed by poems?
What feelings?
What reality is unearthed -- or described and how do we relate to it.

Thank you for the input and looking at reminders of what passion is NOT, as well as how to hold opposites. These were not perhaps poems of intensity, music, leading TO inspiration, life-giving, (adjectives picked in our first meeting) but rather to help us think ABOUT this:
How does passion lead to a sense of a greater life?

I came up with these antonyms for Nemerov's "Dandelions"
mean (poor) : lustrous
stricken : starred
withered : polished
ruined (spinsters) : silvered beacons
ghostly (hair) seed-spun
Dry (sinners) fresh-stripped sentries

Antidote to Nemerov’s Dandelion, Jarrell’s use of products, and Brooks “beautiful half of a golden hurt” :

Perhaps in looking at “passion” we are also looking at how we approach living.
Today’s poems seemed to fall into “buddhist” and “non-buddhist” poems, in the larger context of embracing “now” without a judgmental mind. “Now” is not about wishing, anticipating, living for someone else.

I read this one:

It Was Like This: You Were Happy

For Nemerov's dandelions... a strange, misongynistic image of an unwanted flower, a misreading of aging -- we responded with seeing them as "fairy lights";

For "Next Day" -- a self-absorbed woman who has learned to overlook the wrong things, and not notice others, we wanted to show her a fuller life.

To be in love --
first three lines OK. And then she loses her eyes.
Fear of losing what you may have already lost.

Hirshfield poems: This was once a love poem... a tongue in cheek way of looking at letting go.
cat, sturdy African violets, prickly, but flowering cactus.

A Hand : how many associations...
Against Certainty: anticipating and breathlessness.
Late Self-Portrait by Rembrandt. -- and a leap to the dog. bucket. No mention of a painting.

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