Thursday, February 17, 2011

O Pen -- Valentine's Day

We've all seen valentines, sonnets, so I picked unusual poems:
O'Hara : Mayakovsky
David Baker : Snow Figure and Mongrel Heart
Kim Addonizio: First poem for you
Edna St. Vincent Millay: Modern Declaration

O'Hara and New York school: enthusiastic and bored at same time; Stein: Real thinking is conception aiming again and again and always getting fuller.
4 stanzas: Love : I : heart's a-flutter
II: I love you, I love you.
III. Blood.
IV: I am waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again.

Question of He. Mayakovsky; father; lover; Hysterical leaping; nature, relief, loss.

Baker: "No single position ever sufficient to articulate our lives; always in several places at once."

All senses used in Mongrel Heart:
tearing sounds -- could be tears streaming or ripping;
alliteration and sounds; sense of missing family;

Snow Figure : sensual meets professorial;
3 blocks of couplets. Hushed tones, tension of unlike impulses;
Hidden: ice/danger. The possible crack.

Here as pivot point.
metacognitive: I have put in a poem;
A figure of speech is where desire forces a crisis, a crossing -- -- telling but he uses

the "u" sounds of hush, humble, muffled, world, trust

First Poem for You : sonnet at burst of energy; duende, mystery and awareness of death.
vivid imagery: lighting, serpent, dragon. The ugh of nipple -- but those "p's" come back with persists, pain, permance...

trying has no period at the end.

Modern Declaration : strong character; whatever "it" is, it is steadfast. Not narcissistic.
A love of humanity...

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