Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pittsford -- Poems for March 15

WE like March, his shoes are purple by Emily Dickinson
The Ides Of March by Constantine P. Cavafy
The Ides of March A.D. 1896 by Emily Mary Barton
Ghazal: The Dark Times by Marilyn Hacker
Making History by Marilyn Nelson
Sweater by Jane Hirshfield
What I Know by Lee Robinson

A group gets together... reads a poem aloud. Discusses, shares.
It's all a good thing. Generosity of reading to understand; generosity of listening; it's not about
showing off what one knows so much, although the extra knowledge is always welcome.

What do you find most pleasurable when visiting a museum? The time to contemplate, silently, a work of art,
or having someone hustle you through threading themes of what is available.
The same with poetry. There are many ways to understand, access, appreciate, come to terms with a poem.
The beauty is in the sharing.

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