Wednesday, April 27, 2016

poems for April 20 and 21

The Dogs at Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz by Alicia Ostriker
When Giving Is All We Have -- Alberto Rios
Always on the Train by Ruth Stone
Recycling Center by Brenda Hillman
The Good in the Evil World by Rebecca Hazelton
Decoy Gang War Victim by Carmen Giménez Smith
There is no name yet by Dorothy Lasky

we didn't get to: “John William ‘Blind’ Boone was one of the most successful pianists of his time. His motto, ‘Merit, not sympathy, wins’ guided his path through music and life. His haiku are labeled with the notes of Pentatonic Blues in C.”—Tyehimba Jess – 2 examples below.

Great discussion today — but as usual, poems bring up more than discussion of poems. I did share another Ostriker poem at the beginning— “Spring" (see attachment)
And ended with reading the entire haiku of the last selection — enjoy "C Poems" with music as well!
It must be spring that I would send so much… and of course, next week will have a different drum beat. Take what you will and enjoy!

In view of Earth Day:
1) The cover of City magazine (see DSC05864)
2) Jim’s recommendation of apod: astronomy picture of the day:
The archive starts from June 16, 1998.
3) Phone Governor Cuomo— ​Seven days remain until the 401 Water Quality Certificate decision for "Constitution" pipeline must be announced.​ If Governor Cuomo fails to deny the certificate by April 26th​ his decision making power will be deferred to FERC which will decide for him.
FERC would immediately authorize the cutting of trees along the pipeline route and later begin laying pipe. Let's not ​sit back and ​allow our governor to abdicate his responsibility to prevent the degradation of forests, fields and streams (over 250 ​streams ​would be trenched), and to keep us safe from the harmful health impacts of fossil fuel infrastructure buildout.

Responses to poems:
David was reminded by the Ostriker poem of Elizabeth Bishop — “The Moose”
no matter what happens, there is room for joy.
John was reminded of Boulez “éclat” (dazzling burst) in Hillman’s recycle poem:
(about 10 min.)
There is also a youtube of “éclat: multiples” — about 30 min. of what to my ear is similar.


In a few words: Ostriker: Dogs... innocence and doing things for the pure joy of it... no arguments with feelings, only "authentic projections of the soul"...
Rios: one River's journey to the next... what is a gift... what legacy do we pass on? How does one gift a journey?
Stone: If you think about it, "it" turns into something else -- would you ever have picked the adjective "cheerful" for trash? What mystery lies inside a thing -- what trace in its wrappings?

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