Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 30

Yesterday I had mentioned "Poets’ Corner” by John Lithgow, available from Rundel as a 5 CD collection that selects poets from Chaucer to present day with biographical material and a sample poem. I like the serendipity of listening to this after just having just read for O Pen some Ben Jonson, (Lithgow calls “The passionate poet” and describes “the tribe of Ben), Robert Herrick (Lithgow calls “The Cavalier Poet) and Filing Station which he selects to demonstrate the art of Elizabeth Bishop (he calls the poets’ poet).
David has kindly offered to moderate next Wednesday’s session with the Wordsworth and Bishop poems from Sept. 9: To wit, The Fish, (read but not discussed), In the Waiting Room, and her villanelle, One Art.

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