Friday, January 23, 2015

Poems for Jan. 12 + Jan. 19 + Jan 26

The End of the Holidays by Mark Perlburg
Insha’Allah by Danusha Laméris
Trying Fourleggedness by Rebecca Hazelton

Nighthawks by John Logan
The Lie – Anne Waldman
what we can’t know by James LaVilla-Havelin
One Heart by Li-Young Lee
A Lover by Amy Lowell

(see discussion -- Jan. 12-- separately)

The poems below sent out for the next two weeks are from Poets' Walk: far too many to be able to discuss in two sessions!
A Coat of Faded Blue by John McNaughton
The Logic of Death by Dane Gordon
Sestina d'Inverno by Anthony Hecht
Emancipation Proclamation by William Heyen
Boarding a Bus by Stephen Huff
Flip Book by Tony Leuzzi

see discussion Jan 26 -- separately
Choose by Carl Sandburg
A Woman and Her Dog by Stephen Lewandowski
Late Fall by Eleanor McQuilkin
passage from San Ildefonso Nocturne by Octavio Paz
beware : do not read this poem by Ishmael Reed
Communion by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
Which Side Are You On? Janine Pommy Vega
Touched by Deborah Tall

tabled for February 5
It Wasn’t The Wind by Linda Allardt
They Are Hostile Nations by Margaret Atwood
Notes for a Poem about a Dream about My Daughter in which Moths Unexpectedly Appear
by Ralph Black
Blessing of the boats at St. Mary's, Lucille Clifton
Brahma, by Ralph Waldo Emerson


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