Tuesday, October 1, 2013

poems for September 23

To Earthward -- Robert Frost
The Waking by Theodore Roethke
Old Men Pitching Horseshoes by X J Kennedy
The World Is in Pencil by Todd Boss
The Pattern by Robert Creeley
My Personal Tornado by Jeffrey Harrison

I'm not sure the above article does justice to poetry in the closing line -- the question really is not what is the "use" of an individual poem, which borders on the aesthetics and emotional needs that direct our choices.

I will miss the discussion of poems for September 23.
The first one by Robert Frost, was a favorite of Seamus Heaney -- and I think one of mine, which got me thinking about other favorites like Roethke's villanelle. I needed a bit of humor for balance and stumbled on X.J. Kennedy in a book of "old men poems". A bit of linguistic wit, is always welcome in my book, hence, Todd Boss and Robert Creeley's poems -- and back to emotion -- what other's go through, felt with empathy, to reduce a sense that things out of control, tragedy, etc. Jeffrey Harrison reminds us, this is part of the human condition, and our own experience of it is merely a minor reflection.

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