Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Poems for September 16

I enjoyed the commentary about Heaney's poem "The Gutteral Muse" –Sept. 9 issue of New Yorker: p.55 (originally published by New Yorker, June 25, 1979

Of course, we do not do justice in a brief hour, discussing 5-6 poems—
and I agree with the commentary’s point that we are better for musing, re-reading, sleeping on poems, noting what we notice, hear, and the directions in which poems take us. I look forward to discussing. Martin will share
information about Architrave Press and Personal by Michael Bazzett.

From the Republic of Conscience by Seamus Heaney
To the Creature of the Creation – James Wright
Never Again Would Bird's Song Be the Same by Robert Frost
Cuchulain Comforted – W.B. Yeats
Personal by Michael Bazzett

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