Thursday, May 30, 2013

Poems for June!

“Poetry proves again and again that any single overall theory of anything doesn’t work.
Poetry is always the cat concert under the window of the room in which the official version of reality is being written.” Charles Simic

D.H. Lawrence (from article by Edwin Muir in The Nation, Vol. 120, No. 3110, 1925)

His trees and flowers he seems to see almost from the inside; they have an interior glow and a violence of being which could only be rendered by one who by an unconditional act of imagination entered into their life.

What if Athena were born of a mother,
instead of the head of Zeus?
And what if Aphrodite ...


Poems for June 3

Palindrome by Lisel Mueller
Elegy with lies – Bob Hicok
After Skate by Carol Muske-Dukes
Sometimes, When the Light by Lisel Mueller
In Portraits in Seasons by Danielle Pafunda
Learning the Letters by Robert Peake

Poems for June 10
Flying by Richard Wilbur
Wanting is--what? Robert Browning**
Darling -- Alexei Dmitrov
Unharvested -- Robert Frost
The Price Of Lemons by Christina M. Rau
Tea by Elizabeth Spires
links to short poems by Hyesim --Translated by Ian Haight & T’ae-yong Ho (Gwarlingo Sunday poem 6/2) The Sunday Poem : Hyesim Translated by Ian Haight & T’ae-yong Ho

"Robert Browning's 'Wanting is--What?' came to me courtesy of Poem-A-Day with its line Beamy / the world, yet a blank all the same, its impossible completions, the gaze, beams that shine & eyes that beam, frames and lenses. Mary Cassatt's The Caress also makes an appearance here. I thought about that never-attainable completion gestured to by objects and postures in the frame, and also how vexed & wonderful to be a woman artist who deeply loves the art that came before."

--Danielle Pafunda
Her poem: In Portraits in Seasons was posted in May on Poem-A-Day.

Poems for June 17:

(more poems by Hyesim (see link above)
Whatever I had picked, would not open... so herewith some summer flavors!
For Once, Then, Something by Robert Frost
A Green Crab's Shell by Mark Doty
Sunflower William Blake
Sunflower Sutra – by Allen Ginsberg

Poems for June 24
Love – Dorianne Laux
The Witch of Coos -- by Robert Frost
Indian Stream Republic by Stephen Burt
Room in Antwerp by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Room in Antwerp by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

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