Wednesday, March 13, 2013

poems for March 18

Sometimes I forget completely by Rumi, (1207 –1273)transl. by Coleman Barks
Twilight Comes by Hayden Carruth (1921-2008)
Green Water-Stream by Wang Wei (8th Century Chinese Poet) for more poems by him:
4 poems by Paul Muldoon: 1951-- A Brief Biography of the Poet:
Tell, The Mirror, The Frog, Hay

Poet Cornelius Eady (b. 1954 and raised in Rochester) is not only a fine poet, but part of a group, Rough Magic and writes the lyrics/music: You can stream the poems and all downloads are free.
13th down is "Sam Patch w/ Emma Alabaster & Concetta Abbate.."

The Muldoon poems were shared from the Seattle library group -- he also has a group:
First up is a link to the Wayside Shrines, Paul Muldoon's band, where you can listen to "It's Never Too Late for Rock 'N' Roll" and other songs with lyrics by Paul Muldoon.

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