Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poems for July 30

Poems for July 30 ( A peek at Ekphrasis – “Vivid Description of a thing”

“What does it mean to engage directly with the world – look at the world surrounding you—and “repurposing of language”, take advantage of the familiar while making it unfamiliar and surprising.” from Naomi Beckwith p. 267, Poetry, June 2012
Invocation – Denise Levertov
November for Beginners- Rita Dove
3 poems by W.S. Di Piero
On a Picture by Cézanne
The Shoe Box
Girl with Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer
"Poet on a Mountaintop" by Shen Chou:( 1427–1509, painter in Ming dynasty, not to be confused by another Shen Chou, artist in 19th c.) “First you make a bow to the landscape. Then you wait, and if the landscape bows to you, then and not until then can you paint the landscape.” John Marin, 1928.
The Chinese characters in the painting are translated this way:

White clouds sash-like
wrap mountain waists,
The rock terrace flies in space,
distant, a narrow path.
Leaning on a bramble staff,
far and free I gaze,
To the warble of valley brook
I reply with the cry of my flute.
from p. 11 of

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