Wednesday, May 23, 2012

poems for May 30

Winding up E.E. Cummings

Myself & Me(A dialogue)
Buffalo Bill's (Tulips and Chimneys (Tulips: portraits)
on littlest this (95 poems: #15)
out of night’s almosT Floats a colour(in (95 poems-- #47)
“but why should”(95 poems: #66)
that melancholy (95 poems : #25)

We'll start with:

next to of course god america i – E.E. Cummings (1926)
The first poem discussed, May 23, was written by a poet born in 1981 (77 years after the birth of Cummings) reminded me of his second poem below (in Section Two of his book, is 5 (1926)

I gave an example of visual/verbal synaesthesia with this poem – like a typewriter haiku.
(first poem from 95 poems – 1958)
l(a (first poem from 95 poems (1958)

MOOn Over tOwns mOOn -- an example from his book “No Thanks” (1935)

look at the OO -- do you see eyes, an owl?

the wind is a Lady with - An example from his book & [AND] | 1925 (first poem in the first section called Post Impressions)

i thank you God for most this amazing (from XAIPE – Greek for Rejoice: 1950)

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