Wednesday, March 14, 2012

poems for March 21: poetry read vs. read outloud -- shakespeare and rap!

Poems for March 21:
Two poems with a link to hear them outloud; one poem to remind us why we read to/with each other; two links for context to Tate and Lowell for those who want them. Note: I do not expect this to be an academic class, but rather a gathering to share observations of, and provoked by the poems.

a) Endangered Species List: by Jayne Cortez

b) Sonnet 147 (Shakespeare) in free-style rap:

c) Ritual to Read to Each other: William Stafford
Two links to context for Tate and Lowell.Tate Ode to the Confederate Dead; and Lowell: For the Union Dead.

We as readers are in search of our stories. Context allows us to see our lives in the situations painted. Dobyns in Next Word, Better Word in his chapter about context and causality sums up the written text as a series of effect on the page, and a series of causes
off the page. Below two links to commentaries:

a) Commentary by Edward Hirsch on Ode to the Confederate Dead:

b) For the Union Dead -- by Robert Lowell
“I'm after invention rather than memory” – Lowell
For those who want context for Lowell’s poem:

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