Saturday, January 28, 2012

Waltzes with RPO Jan. 27

Arild Remmereit is a delightful conductor and serious about educating the public..
He showed us how a viennese waltz sparkles -- none of the wide-bowed, regular 1-2-3,
but the second beat ever so slightly early, the 3rd beat ever so slightly too long--

Whether the waltz is associated with laendler, yodeling, the sounds of music, or the aristocratic gatherings in Viennese ballrooms, there is something in the beat that
makes you want to dance.

Joseph Werner selected two Schubert waltzes (he wrote over 100 of them) (along with 600 songs, 9 symphonies, quartets, quintets and pieces for every instrument),
small 45 second pieces.

It inspired me to write a 4.5 second "waltz"

4.5 second waltz

no time to
prepare you
ONE two three
hurried two ... three
sparkle, spin, spin

The Tchaikovsky Allegro con grazia (from Symphony 6 in B minor op. 74) is actually in 5, not three...
and if you listen to the Mahler 4th, the 2nd movement, there is a second violin turned a whole step higher to give an edge to the melody!

Illuion, illusion. We have the time we have, but we don't like to be unprepared --
for what? Let us dance! Shall we, then, waltz?

Mozart: three German dances, K 605
we didn't hear the Waltz from Les Sylphides (Chopin) -- arr. by Glazinov
but all repeats on the Emperor Waltz and both the 3rd and 2nd movements of Mahler's 4th.

Uplifting sparkle for a rainy, albeit not icy, January evening.

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