Tuesday, October 25, 2011

on translation: Robin Hunter and Rilke; Patty Crane and Transtrome

Thank you everyone for the great discussion today! (10/17) Thank you Kim for sharing the Robert Hunter translation of the 4th Duino Elegy . The link to see it (and Maureen Hunter's wood block print)
All of the elegies:

It was hard to pick poems from Collins' new book "Horoscopes for the Dead"- so I'll be glad to lend it out next week. One of my favorites from this book is "Symbol". You can hear Billy read it here:

Also, if you want to check out a different translation of our Swede, Patty Crane does a good job here: plus you can hear the Swedish:
Poem : Like Being a Child
Compared to the Robin Fulton --
Line 1: Sudden Patty: "enormous
Line 2: jerked over Ptty: pulled
Line 3: mesh Pty: sack's stitches

Stanza 2
Line 1: insult affront
Line 4: look forward take pleasure in

Stanza 3
Line 1: glimmering wooly hat : shimmering wool hat
Line 2: stitches weave
Line 3: straits bay
crowding teem
Line 4 earth land

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