Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poetry and Spirituality -- Follow-up 12/2

Poems for December 9 : I will send separately

Jennifer Grotz: Umbrella
Joseph Stroud: Manna
Thomas Hardy: At the Railway Station, Upway
James Wright: The Blessing
poems by Joanna Goodman (APR)

Sent earlier :
Developing the Land
(I will read out loud a companion poem "Glare Full Moon on the Equinox" by Steve Lewandowski)

WE WILL MEET from 11:30 AM – 12:40 PM

Follow-up : On December 2 – thank you Elaine, Joyce, Ronna, John for your insightful comments.

For the Todd Davis poems, the meditations on acceptance, recognizing desire as complicated, in the distractions of life, allowed the appreciation of the precious moment of “the now”.

For CK Williams, we discussed grief, the innocent and sensitive wisdom of children, as well as the problem of not knowing. Last night, listening to Richard Wilbur, in his poem “The Reckoning” he addressed the problem of “shame” – how if we get caught up in it, we risk being too proud. Williams gives us an insight into the complexity of being human, the complexity of contrition. In Light, he gives us the construct of Paradise and the dark of the Bat world in which to consider how we “blunder” through our deeds.
John shared a poem that his mother wrote (published in the NY Mirror!)

“If I could for a moment be
the person that I’d like to be
I think that I would cease to damn
the person that I really am.”
NY Mirror

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