Thursday, November 25, 2010

C.K. Williams -- reading 11/17: notes to myself

CK Williams:
Not everyone can live in Rochester, NY, and have CK Williams come and read to the "gestational poets" of SUNY Brockport along with enthusiasts in the poetry community...

You can access his reading of the following at this site:
Rats– click on “global warming”
He says this is isn’t one of his best poems, the comments
before the poem are interesting.

The Singing – click on “my favorite poems”

Check here: CK Williams’ response to Beethoven : Allegretto – symphony No. 7.
His poem is called : “Two Movements to an Allegretto” as part of National Poetry Month’s program Notes to Verse: II
you hear the ENTIRE, (beautiful, but very slow) Beethoven 2nd movement of the 7th symphony, followed by comments.
The theme Williams was working on was “silence” , before he received the assignment, and coincidence, this music was written by Beethoven when he was completely deaf.
After the poem, there is some discussion.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the poems he read from "Wait" :

The Coffin Store (p. 90)
Apes (p. 85)
Lies (p. 79)
Back (p. 58) (a little sex poem, he said!)
Light (p. 47)
Wood (p. 41)
Prisoners (p. 30)

my favorite : The Gaffe (p. 3)

and many more such as "Dirt".
The Foundation.
A poem for myself for my birthday
(Happy Birthday to you -- but this is me, singing to me! -- which brings him to think of visualizing his death, or you singing happy birthday to me on my 200th birthday... when this already tottering planet may well be on its way out...)

This is new, as is "Whacked" --
when a master will tell you , guide you so that you are not wasting time..."

Pithy, deep, witty.
Summary of Camus' myth of Sisyphus: why you shouldn't kill yourself.
vs. Marvin Bell: last line: Imagine Sisyphus happy.

Poetry and music share repetition.

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